"Ami is more than a coach. She bridges the gap between traditional medicine and other options. Infertility and IVF is an overwhelming and confusing maze, and Ami helps you navigate through the roller coaster of emotions and decisions about fertility and trying to conceive.

Ami takes an active part in providing additional information, resources, and things to think about and discuss with your doctor and team to increase your success rate and comfort during the process. She helps you prepare to be your healthiest and have the highest rate of success. And the little tweaks and changes that are real-world, tangible, and rarely discussed can make a huge difference. - J.F.

Hi, I'm Ami Chokshi.

I'm an Integrative Fertility Coach.

I started out as someone who wanted a family and became someone who helps others conceive their dream of having a child.

I had no idea what to expect, and I often felt like I was way over my head.

But I figured it out. I became the kind of person who wouldn't quit until I found my way.

As a result, I regained my health, improved my egg quality, navigated the ups and downs of trying to conceive and IVF, and welcomed my miracle child into the world.

And then, I made it my mission to guide others along their fertility path.

Your body is capable of amazing things, and I know that getting your mind and body in the right place will transform your life while trying to conceive and beyond.

Luckily, because of my experience with infertility, my work at a fertility clinic, and my education as an integrative health coach, I can help you clear out the obstacles and move you forward with clear and doable guidelines.

These clear and doable guidelines are the foundation for the Conceive Your Dream® fertility coaching program.

"After having another miscarriage, I was at a crossroads and not sure if we would be able to have another baby. I was a nervous wreck going into my next retrieval. I really wanted it to work and felt that I needed to do everything possible for me to get myself to a good place to increase my odds of having this be successful.

Ami's coaching, expertise, and personal experience that she was so willing to share made a huge difference and helped me feel supported, heard, brighter, and hopeful. I looked forward to our appointments. The resources she provided were all in one place and organized versus me Googling and then being up late with my head spinning.

I thought health coaching would be about nutrition and supplements, but there's so much more to it than just the connotations of the words. Our work together made me feel confident, in tune with my body, able to set boundaries, stay present, and not let the past overshadow the future.

There's always something you can learn and improve on, and if you’re on the fence about working with Ami, know that it can only benefit you and your partner. My husband felt a sense of relief that I was getting support from an expert, and he saw me physically coming into a better place and feeling like I had so much control, acceptance, and a more positive outlook than where I was beforehand. And, It was amazing to see him making changes too when he saw the data and things that he could do to improve.

Ami helped me so much and probably in ways that I can't even begin to express." - A.S.

Many women who are dealing with

fertility challenges are:

Tired of swimming upstream and getting nowhere

Losing faith and hope that having a baby will ever happen to them

Dealing with cycles of monthly devastation and having to keep picking

themselves up and believing again

Struggling with the possibility of another loss

Constantly going down the Google rabbit hole, only to feel more confused and overwhelmed

Feeling like it’s all their fault that they can’t have a baby and that something's wrong with them

Seeing everything as a constant reminder of their infertility

Trying all the things you hear about - foods, supplements, acupuncture, teas, etc

Unable to see another pregnancy announcement and getting bitter about it

Unfollowing friends on social media so they don't have to see another

pregnancy announcement that would ruin their day

Anxious that the next step will be the one that goes wrong

If any of this resonates with you, you're in the right place.

And you're not alone.

You can move through these thoughts and feelings and feel calm, confident, guided,

& informed throughout your journey to motherhood.

Maybe you're wondering...

What more can I be doing to get pregnant?

How can I boost egg quality?

What can my husband do to improve his fertility?

How can I lower inflammation for better chances of implantation?

What steps can I take to not have another loss?

What lifestyle changes can I make with PCOS, endometriosis,

unexplained infertility, or diminished ovarian reserve?

How do I stop spiraling into anxious and negative thoughts?

These are some of the questions my clients are asking when

their doctors refer them to me.


Conceive Your Dream®

90 Days to Your Optimal Fertility

An integrative fertility and IVF coaching program aimed at ensuring that you have the resources you need to optimize your chances of conceiving, navigate your fertility treatments with support and guidance, and help you sort through all the conflicting information out there.

Think of it as your comprehensive program to help you get pregnant sooner, stay pregnant, and hold your beautiful baby.

Conceive Your Dream® is a personalized, 1:1 fertility coaching program with on-demand resources that help you find the gaps in your fertility and overall health & move through the obstacles in your way to get your mind and body baby-ready.

"I wanted to get healthy after a chemical pregnancy and before my donor egg cycle, especially with having all the IVF drugs in my system.

Our work together made me more aware of my body and thoughts, and I learned how to really listen to it. It gave me some control over my body, both physically and emotionally, which helped me with the roller coaster of emotions that I had with my IVF journey.

And when I started to feel better, my husband benefited too. The lifestyle and food changes I made with Ami’s guidance and coaching were 100% why I had a successful IVF.” - C.B.

Your fertility is a function of your overall health.

Learn how to take control of your health & thoughts and maximize your chances of getting pregnant sooner, staying pregnant, and delivering a healthy baby

"I had just had surgery for my endometriosis, and I was told I needed IVF. I was freaking out because of my fear of needles. I also didn’t realize how involved IVF would be and didn’t know how I would manage everything. When Ami said IVF can be like a part-time job, it made me feel like my stress was justified.

Ami helped me feel strong, in control, and proud of myself. I realized how strong my body was throughout all of this. Our sessions were perfectly timed throughout the process. And, Ami's resources and food plans helped me a lot, especially when I got off track. The plans made eating for fertility mindless. And, my husband liked a lot of the meals.

My husband actually didn't understand why I was making all of these shifts at first, especially to my diet. But, I wanted to be prepared and be the best I could be for this baby. I think he saw how that affected me and how it made me truly feel better, which changed his mindset. It also made me realize that he needed different things than I did throughout this process.

Ami offered a different perspective. She never told me to stay calm, which is something that I appreciate. She gave me strategies and working mechanisms to go about my day. I felt like I was taking care of myself at a different level that I've never done before. I'd been so focused on work, house stuff, friends, and family that I didn't realize I had no space for the family I wanted so badly. Ami helped me create this space - mentally, physically, and in my surroundings.

Our work together made me feel centered, grounded, calm, not worried about what could happen (including having an IV during my delivery), and able to take things one day at a time." M.B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does fertility coaching cover?

Your current health and lifestyle give clues about your fertility. Fertility coaching involves investigating these areas, finding gaps, working through obstacles, and implementing practical and doable changes step-by-step, even if you've already been making shifts.

Fertility Coaching covers your whole health - body and mind. We take an integrative approach - working alongside your healthcare providers - to empower you with tools and strategies that support you in all areas - physical, mental, relational, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.

I'm here to help you answer your questions about your fertility (and your partner’s), advocate for you, and provide you with the resources you need during your journey. I promise to provide education, emotional guidance, and an online resource that ensures you have the best chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Is fertility coaching right for me?

This coaching program is for you if you are willing to dive deeply into your health, lifestyle, mindset, and stress management using an integrative and functional approach. We take a holistic look at your life, including your relationships, career, medical history, nutrition, environment, and more. We make adjustments to help you optimize all areas of your health and chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

This coaching program is for you regardless of the stage you are trying to conceive (TTC) journey, with or without fertility treatments.

This includes you if you are:

  • Planning to have a baby

  • Just starting in your TTC (trying to conceive) journey

  • Have been diagnosed with infertility (including PCOS, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, unexplained infertility, etc…)

  • Preparing for a new cycle or next round of IVF or IUI, including a donor cycle

  • Getting ready for a frozen embryo transfer

  • Considering egg freezing to preserve your fertility

This coaching program may help you -

  • Improve egg quality and embryo quality

  • Naturally balance your hormones

  • Understand how your gut health affects your fertility

  • Cope & De-stress using science-backed mind-body techniques

  • Improve male fertility (sperm quality, quantity, morphology)

  • Eat for optimal fertility

  • Optimize detoxification and reduce the fertility muggers that harm fertility

  • Prepare your body for fertility treatments, including IVF and IUI

  • Understand fertility supplements and which you may need

  • Sleep better and understand it's key role in your fertility health 

  • Reduce the chances of having a loss

  • Boost your chances of getting pregnant if you are over 35 

  • Build mental resilience while trying to conceive

  • Navigate the ins and outs of fertility treatments

  • Feel less isolated, alone, and more supported

What about my male partner?

I believe in including your male partner in the process since he is literally half the equation. In my experience, your male partner can take steps to improve his health and fertility, too, even if there is no diagnosis on his side.

For this reason, I encourage both parties to participate in one or more of our coaching sessions.

There is also an entire section in the Conceive Your Dream® e-course for him to review.

What does this program include? 

My 1:1 coaching includes education, coaching through the obstacles, guidance around your fertility treatment cycles, and more. 

The education (e-course) covers specifics around -

  • Building a fertile mindset, 

  • Supporting detoxification and removing the areas that harm fertility (from food to your environment),

  • Maximizing nutrition by supporting gut & hormone health, 

  • Smart supplementation for you and your partner

  • Optimizing your male partner's health, 

  • Learning how to minimize the stress of it all while building resilience,

  • Essential lifestyle factors to consider, including exercise and sleep

  • Developing a supportive network Integrating complementary therapies, and 

  • Many helpful and printable resources.

The coaching calls empower you with tools and strategies to support your needs and goals in all areas - physical, mental, relational, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. They also help you understand and mentally organize the information you've learned as well as what's presented to you by your doctors to create an educated plan of action.

We meet via Zoom and talk about what you’re going through, from struggles to successes, the multitude of resources that can help you, and how to move forward with confidence, clarity, and calm. 

What if I'm already doing all-the-things to get pregnant?

I’m glad you asked, and I hear this often.  

In case you were wondering...

  • What if I'm already eating healthy?

  • What if I have been already doing all-the-things? 

  • What if I’ve been trying to conceive with no success for a while now? 

There's so much information out there. In fact, one of my clients shared with me that she already knew about 30% of the information she learned from my coaching and e-course. But, she didn't realize the remaining 70% could affect her ability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy - even though she was a licensed health professional.

So if you are wondering, I'd be happy to get on a call with you to discuss if this customized and integrative approach is right for you - even if you’ve just started your TTC journey - let’s schedule a call.

Can you guarantee that our work together will help me get pregnant? 

Unfortunately, no one - including your doctors - can guarantee that you’ll have a positive pregnancy outcome.

But there's strong evidence that shows that optimizing your health, mind and body, can positively impact your ability to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

"I worked with Ami after having a couple of miscarriages. She helped me learn to take care of myself and manage my stress. She offered tools to help lower my anxiety, which was very hard for me.

I felt much better after my appointments with Ami because she would give me guidance and direction that I needed. I appreciated Ami’s encouragement of self love, which was my top goal in working with her. She helped me adjust my mindset and perception of myself, she provided ideas of how to approach my doctors about what I was thinking, and she helped me to feel more educated for my meetings with them." H.S.

Apply for one of Ami's limited coaching spots.

We’ll be in touch with you to schedule a consultation call after

receiving your application.

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