I struggled through three years of infertility, & now I work at the IVF clinic that helped me have my miracle child.


I'm Ami.

II'm a Fertility Warrior turned Integrative Fertility Coach, and I know how nerve-wracking, scary, and frustrating this journey is.

My Journey to Motherhood

I always wanted to be a mom and have a family, but I didn't anticipate how challenging it would be.

My husband and I tried for three years to get pregnant, including timing on our own, diagnostic testing, surgeries, and fertility treatments, including two rounds of both IUI and IVF.

IVF was incredibly challenging, primarily because of the range of emotions involved, from excitement and hopeful to despair and frazzled nerves - month after month.

After not having success with IUI, we moved to IVF.

My first cycle was canceled because I wasn't responding to the medications.

We changed protocols, and even then, I barely responded.

But my doctor did let me move forward with the retrieval retrieved only two eggs.

And surprisingly, and with the odds against me, both eggs fertilized, and one became my miracle child.

I had a 3-day fresh transfer, which now is rarely done, there was no genetic testing because it wasn't available then, and no option for HGH either at the time.

My success can be yours too...

I attribute my success to my stellar medical team and my persistence in creating the right condition, body and mind.

My chances to conceive were low given my diagnosis, like 2% per my doctor, so I did my best to be proactive in my health to get in the most optimal physical and mental place.

And that happened outside of the doctor's office.

So, here I am now.

For the past decade, I've dedicated myself to paying wisdom forward and to guiding women to take charge of their health and fertility and prepare themselves for the day they receive their positive pregnancy test. 

I also work with patients at the same fertility clinic where I went who want to know, "what else can I be doing?" 

We work together to:

- Analyze what you are already doing.

- Remove the obstacles along the way.

- Add small steps that create transformational results. 

Our work together has helped my clients to improve their chances of getting pregnant sooner and staying pregnant by:

- Improving egg and sperm quality, 

- Lowering inflammatory markers, 

- Balancing key hormones, and 

- Reducing the stress around trying to conceive, 

My experience as a fertility patient, patient advocate, & infertility support group leader; my intimate knowledge of working within a fertility practice; and my training as a Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and Mental Fitness Coach provide me the tools and knowledge to help women through their fertility journey and support them through this stressful time.

Want some guidance? I can help you.

Get Results Like These:

Working with Ami helped me realize that I’ll still be standing. The work is mind, body and soul…and it's stuff you take with you even after getting pregnant. - K.B.

Ami provided us with hope, which we desperately needed. Her knowledge of a holistic approach to fertility treatment is unparalleled. - L.G.

I was a nervous wreck going into retrieval after experiencing multiple losses, but Ami's expertise as well as her personal experience made a huge difference. - A.S.


Trying to conceive and wondering what else you can be doing to support your fertility health and IVF cycles?

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