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"My biggest takeaway was getting pregnant! I also learned a lot about food and nutrition and making sure I keep my blood sugar even or being aware of what was causing spikes or problems with it.

My anxiety was high after my egg retrieval and a failed first transfer. I wanted to prepare my body before I did my second transfer. Working with Ami helped me with following through with my goals, talking through things before my next transfer, and with both mental clarity and physical health." - K.F.
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>> Improve egg quality, even if you're over 35

>> Remove what doesn't support your fertility

>> Include the foods that feed your fertility

>> Boost your partners sperm health

>> Lower inflammatory markers to support implantation

>> Reduce anxiety and stress and feel less alone

"Before I came across Ami, I had had a couple of IVF cycles with ICSI which unfortunately didn't work.

From the first cycle, I really knew nothing about what I was doing. And when I went into the second cycle, and it didn't work, I thought I needed to sort myself out. I needed to gain some more understanding. I was probably beating myself up a little bit because I'm a pharmacist, and I should know some of this stuff. But we don't get taught any of this. I needed help from a more holistic viewpoint rather than just looking in one particular area of fertility, and I really needed support.

Now, I have a better understanding of my body and my cycle and how to get my body ready for pregnancy. Our calls were brilliant. I really looked forward to them. We discussed stuff that was on my mind and stuff for me to go away and look into. It was great that Ami would also research areas we discussed and then would get back to me about it.

Ami is very approachable and knowledgeable. She is an active listener, quite reflective, and caring. I felt that I could confidently tell her everything, and her words and mannerisms made me feel accepted and made me want to carry on.

Ami's coaching is great for anyone who is trying to fall pregnant, but it's especially valuable to women who are frustrated with where they are on their fertility journey. Ami is able to look at where you are, what you've done thus far, and then help you fill in the gaps." -B.B.
Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Ami Chokshi.

As someone who struggled with fertility issues for three years, I know how challenging it can be. That's why I got educated on how to best support fertility health and navigate fertility treatments.

I've dedicated myself to guiding women like you in your journey to building your family by sharing science-backed mind and body fertility education & guidance to help you get pregnant sooner, stay pregnant, build mental fitness, and navigate the roller coaster of emotions and decisions that come with fertility treatments, including IUI and IVF.

I’m here to help you cut through the noise, fear, and uncertainty of this challenging time, so you feel calmer, confident, well-supported, and prepared for your journey to motherhood.
"I felt alone, very lost, confused, and like I was in a black hole before coaching with Ami. Ami made me feel like I had someone on my side to support me and guide me through the IVF process. She taught me with her course and coaching how to holistically make my body and mind better - through nutrition, my thought process, and setting boundaries.

My biggest takeaway was understanding what my body needs and trusting my instincts. I learned what foods would nourish my body, the steps to take to keep me feeling emotionally strong, how to confidently build boundaries, and trust my gut instinct.

I felt very vulnerable going through IVF because of not knowing what the outcome would be, and Ami gave helped me feel hopeful and safe.

Out of everything that I've tried, spending the time with Ami and the resources she provided was the most beneficial. When I became pregnant, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel so much more positive about the future." - M.B.
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